Gameday !

This was the first time that I watched a Football game. I love it ! It was our school ( Cole Habour High) against Auburn High. I went there with my host sister and some friends. You Dress up in school colors and put some face paint on. Guess what ? We won! Everyone was running on the field to congratulate the players. The players are students of our school but in this night they were treated like stars. It was amazing! img-20160918-wa0032

The first weekend

As I arrived at the airport of Halifax my host family was already there. My youngest host sister tinkered a shield with my name on, so I couldn’t overlook them. Then we drove to the cottage, there were many people and it was loud, but although I felt comfortable. We had dinner together and it was so delicious, especially the blueberry pie! After dinner  we talked for a while, then I went to bed.

The next day started with a tasty breakfast, my host granny made blueberry pancakes and they were sooooo good! After that we paddled with the paddleboot on the lake right behind the cottage, it was really beautiful. When we came back, we grabed our things and drove to the house I will stay in for the next time,  I like it!

The last day in Germany

Tomorrow at this time I will already be on the way to the Airport. I’m sad because I have to leave my Family for about 1 year, but I know that another family is waiting for me and I’m pleased about that. I will spend the first weekend with my hostfamily in their cottage near a lake, I’m so excited about that and it’s also good to get known each other a little bit better.

Me and my Story


My Name is Annika and I’m 15 years old. I’m going to live 10 month in Canada. I’m very excited and I will blog once per  week, when I arrived there. I fly from Frankfurt to Halifax on the 03.09.2016 and I’m already nervous and I don’t know why! I already know my hostfamily, I have 3 hostsisters which are really friendly and my hostparents are eather, I’m not afraid of the flight, so why am I nervous?! Although I’m nervous the  pleasant anticipation dominates.


Tomorrow my family and I will travel to Italy. It’s the last holliday with my family for nearly one year. I will in enjoy it and when we return back to Germany, It’s almost time to pack my suitcase  for Canada!

Next time I will blog about my feelings right before the flight.


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