Just a few pics of my last week


New York

A few weeks ago I met my mother and my brother in NY. The half of my 10 month here in Canada is over and I missed them alot. There wasn’t really a m

oment where I said that I was actually  homesick but I was pretty happy to see them again.


A couple of weeks ago we had our Semi-Formal. It’s a dance at the end of the first Semester. It’s pretty fancy, the boys have to wear suits and the girls dresses.

It was fun !

Secret Santa

A few days ago we had our secret santa party. All the Internationals from my school came together and celebrated christmas. Everyone brought food which is typical for their homeland. For some of the I

nternationals it was the first time they ever celebrated christmas, they were so excited!

Halloween Dance

A couple weeks ago my School organized a Dance. It was fun! There will be a christmas  dance next week, I’m so excited!

Apple picking

Yesterday we went on a trip to Niggins Valley, it was great, we spent the whole day there. I met a lot of new people and we had a lot of time to talk. As I came home my mom made apple crunch out of the apples I brought with me, it was delicios !



Just some pics of the last week

No matter where you go in the world, teenagers are pretty much all the same #NSISP

Peggy’s Cove

A few days ago I was on a trip to peggy’s cove with my Family. It was beautiful…..we were there for 6 hours. We saw dolphins, seals and a whale, but they were to far away to take a pic of them. I really enjoyed it!


This week we went on an orientation trip for two days. There were Internetionals from all over the world : Brazil, Japan, Ecuador, Germany, Netherland, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Turkey, Chile, Sweden…… I met a lot of new people, it was great, we talked about our experience we did so far. On the second day we were canoeing, swimming and had some other Team activities. It was fun!

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